Dominations – Know The Secrets To Build A Perfect Base Layout

Dominations tricks

In order to perform better in Dominations, players need to learn how to build a strong base and perform better during battles. With the help of constructing different buildings and structures, you can build an ultimate empire. Focus on protecting it from the attack of enemies to be a winner. Loot other players to gain unlimited resources and in-game currencies. Make sure you are playing well and considering all the essential Dominations Hack tips and tricks.

Without building or training your troops, you can’t defeat the enemies during the battles. Also, know about other secrets to beat the strategy of your opponents in order to be a winner. Choose the right design for building your base for which you may need to clear forests and implement other tactics.

Keep variables in mind

Whenever you start building your base, you need to be smart for choosing the design and layout. Plenty of variables are out there that can determine the eventual base layout. The nation you choose to play also play an important role in the design of your base. Consider the type of nation along with the other variables. You should also know about your play style to choose a layout for building your base. Determine your play style and then select the layout accordingly to build a strong base to win over the opponents.

Build up the walls

If you are new to the game, then you should start protecting your base after building it. No matter which age you are in, you should take care of some fundamental concepts. Build walls around your base, and these must have two chambers. If you build the single-chambered walls, then your enemies can easily break them to loot your resources. Building the walls is not only enough, but you also need to upgrade it from time to time. And then build the first catapult as early as possible.

Place decoy buildings strategically

While setting up the layout of your base, you need to put all buildings smartly. It is important to pay appropriate attention while placing decoy buildings on your map. Choose a location on the other corner of the map to place these buildings. By doing this, you are able to make it difficult for enemies to find them. In this way, they may take the time or unable to destroy these buildings. Also, focus on placing other buildings on the map to build a strong base.

Other tips to keep in mind

While building your base, the acropolis placement is a crucial aspect that requires proper attention. You should also focus on placing other wonders along with acropolis. You also need to consider some other placement tips while building or expanding your base to make it more powerful. Try to keep your barracks in the southeast part of the map. It will help in keeping the buildings out of reach of your enemies. You can also get ready to sacrifice your resources for protecting your town center while placing catapults and garrisons.

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